Friday, April 22, 2011

Tech Articles and Caution

I have been inspecting machines for myself and other people since 1990. In that time I have seen people injured and have had acquaintances killed by machinery. I could have been injured or killed myself by machinery that started to move when someone else started it and it started moving without them even doing anything other than starting the engine. I use extreme caution and do not advise anyone to do what I do when inspecting a machine.
I am only sharing my experiences, machines are dangerous and I can be seriously injured or killed trying to operate them.
Remember, I don’t start an engine unless I am sure I know how to stop it! I do not try to do the procedures that I describe unless I am very familiar with the machine I am inspecting and have a working knowledge of the operation. I am not an authority on the topic, I do machinery inspections at my own risk.

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