Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How I Install a Bobcat Skid Steer Door Glass

Let me start this with an explanation of why I even thought it might be useful to put this detailed process out there for anyone to read. There are many reasons but the most obvious is that there are a lot of Bobcats out there with cabs. The front door is destroyed because of people raising the loader arms with the door open, it knocks the door off the hinges and either breaking the glass or damaging the whole door so that it requires repair with a new glass. My position as a used equipment dealer means that I get those Bobcat skid steer loaders with the empty door frame, broken glass, or nothing at all where a door should be. I have had 2 door frames in the past month requiring the glass installed, one I took to a glass shop (not specializing in machine glass obviously), $95 bucks and 2 days later I got it back with a hint of “don’t come back”.